Recent Projects: The Lost Trinkets series by Sherrie Lea Morgan

1-ATimedWagerWhen the gloves come off, the truth comes out…

Ghosts of the past hover at Shannon Pryce’s fingertips, waiting for her to touch the things they loved an

d envision snapshots of their lives. With the ghostly spirit of her wise-cracking twin sister at her side, Shannon’s gift made her the most sought-after psychic in Birmingham. Until she tried to help the police find a missing boy alive—and failed.

When she inherits Trinkets, an antique store in small-town Petrie’s Crossing, she jumps at the chance to leave the nightmares behind. The dusty shop comes with a cat, quirky neighbors, and Mitch—sexy owner of the corner diner, whose touch leaves her weak-kneed with desire.

Trinkets also comes with a hidden cache of seemingly unrelated objects, each with a mystery to untangle. Shannon resolves to return each one to its rightful owner, though even this small, hesitant use of her gift reopens a Pandora’s box of flashbacks.

Can she manage to accomplish her mission, keep her sanity, fall in love, and sidestep the local police, all while keeping her gift off the town gossips’ radar?

2-RingOfTruthHelping someone get closure could open the door to her own heartbreak.

After a month of cleaning, tidying, and getting to know her neighbors—particularly Mitch, who warms her belly with his food and her bed with his body—Shannon Pryce is ready to throw open Trinket’s doors to the Petrie’s Crossing tourist crowd.

She’s also ready to return another item in the box she found in her late aunt’s desk. This time, it’s a silver ring that sends visions from Shannon’s fingertips to her mind’s eye, plus something new and worrisome: the echoing cries of a woman’s pain.

With the help of her ghostly twin, Steph, and her aunt’s diary, Shannon sets out to unravel a mystery filled with love and heartbreak in her quest to return the ring to its rightful owner—hopefully while keeping her psychic power a secret.

But hiding her ability gets harder every time she reaches into that box of trinkets. Especially with an author researching the crime that drove her away from Birmingham hounding her for an interview. If the town gossips catch wind of her past, Shannon could lose everything—her new shop, her new life…maybe even her new love.

3-SecretEscapeWhen the past is unlocked, no telling what will come out…

Shannon Pryce is slowly settling into small-town life, but with a psychic gift like hers to hide, fitting in is more of a challenge. If she’s ever to put down real roots in Petrie’s Crossing’s red-clay soil, it’s time to widen her circle beyond a few friends, acquaintances, and one smoking-hot lover.

It’s also time to solve the mystery of the next object in her late Aunt Caroline’s box, this time a brass key. Oddly enough, the key transmits the same disturbing impressions she picks up inside the railroad museum—fire, smoke, pleas for help from an underground trap.

Worse, the author who’s been hounding her for an interview is asking too many personal questions—and threatening to show up on her doorstep. Can Shannon dig deep enough to find the key’s rightful owner, heal a woman’s broken heart, and find the strength to confront the ghosts of her own past?

4-HushedFavorWhen you take the next step, hold on tight—the ride could get rough.

Shannon Pryce thought that once she left Birmingham, her past would stay behind. Instead, it’s nipping at her heels and tearing holes in her plan to live a quiet, normal life in Petrie’s Crossing.

Things are still hot and spicy with Mitch, but with a tell-all book hitting the shelves—and Mitch ready to take the next step—how long can she stay off the town busybodies’ hot topics list?

Her emotions grow even more tangled when she touches a locket from her late aunt’s box of trinkets. The impression of love and loss is almost too much to bear. Worse, as Shannon’s psychic power grows stronger, the ghost of her twin sister, Stephanie, seems to be growing weaker.

Yet as she pushes herself to discover the locket’s story, her quest to start over with a clean slate doesn’t seem like such a high priority. Not when there’s an injustice to make right…even if it turns her own house of cards into a ton of bricks.

Author web site: Sherrie Lea Morgan
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Author: Carolan Ivey

Book Blurb Wizard and award-winning author of paranormal and Celtic fantasy-flavored romance.

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