Services and Rates

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE to the Fine Print section at the bottom! Please note a NEW REQUIREMENT Re: manuscripts and synopses.

Carol B. Goodman, a.k.a. award-winning romance novelist Carolan Ivey, is a freelance writer specializing in compelling blurbs, taglines, and marketing copy designed to sell your book. ALL genres, fiction and non-fiction.

Her professional experience includes more than 25 years freelance writing software manuals, technical documentation, and marketing copy, plus 10 years freelance blurbing and serving as Samhain Publishing’s in-house “blurb wizard”. Contact: carolanivey(atsign)


TURNAROUND TIME varies depending on how many authors are in my queue at any given time. An estimated turnaround time will be given when a service is requested.

  • BLURB PACKAGE: Back-cover or inside-the-flap copy targeted to sell your book in 200 words or less. Includes a tagline to spark interest in your book in 10 words for less. Also comes with three shorter versions of 100, 50, and 25 words. $50 per book with detailed synopsis (minimum two pages single spaced).
    NOTE: Due to an increase in work load, an outline or synopsis is now REQUIRED for ALL manuscripts. I simply do not have time to read through full manuscripts to glean major character and plot developments. I will consider manuscript-only submissions if my schedule permits; fee is $100.
  • “Elevator speeches” for the terminally tongue-tied, designed to snag a conference-weary editor’s attention in 100 words or less. $20, or FREE with blurb/tagline.
  • PITCH WARS #PitMad Twitter pitches. Catch an editor’s eye in 140 characters! $20
  • Ad copy – short, sweet, and oh so clickable! $20
  • Swag Copy – You spend a lot of money on printed bookmarks, post cards, and business cards. Make sure the words on the cardstock are as eye-catching as your covers. $20 per piece.
  • One-page query letters designed to catch an editor’s or agent’s eye. Up to 500 words, $50 if author supplies detailed synopsis along with manuscript; $90 if author supplies manuscript only.
  • Press releases customized for local or national media outlets. Up to 300 words, $50.
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) web site content that is more likely to appear high up in a Google search. Don’t get lost in the Google shuffle! $50 per 300 words.
  • Light proofreading – to catch typos, right-spelling/wrong-word typos, extra spaces, missing quotation marks and other mechanical/grammatical glitches, and errors in sentence structure and continuity. (Intended for manuscripts that have been through the editing process and are otherwise ready to publish.) $3 per page (12 pt TNR, double spaced, 1″ margins all around).


  1. I accept payment via check or Paypal.
  2. I will bend over backwards to give you a quality product; my goal is to help you sell books. If you are not satisfied, a project kill fee of 50% will apply, and any original copy I created will remain in my control. If any portion of my original work subsequently appears in your published book or marketing materials, the full fee for my services will be billed.
  3. DO NOT, under any circumstances, share any of my original, unpaid-for work with a third party without my prior approval. Doing so will activate the above-mentioned kill fee.
  4. 10% discount is offered for simultaneous submission FOUR OR MORE books (series or stand-alones). All materials (manuscripts and outlines) must be submitted as a group.
  5. After a submission or series of submissions is agreed upon, do not ask for additional services to be tacked on for free. Additional fees will apply.
  6. Submissions are queued in order of when all materials are received. No exceptions.