I hadn’t sold a copy of On the Inside for two weeks. I uploaded the new blurb and already sold a copy today!
– Kim Cano, for On The Inside

I can see why Sandra (Bunino) called you the queen of blurbs! You are AMAZING!
– Magali Frechette, for A Thousand Words

A good blurb is worth 200 words, but a good blurb writer is worth a helluva lot more.
– Mary Hughes, for Passion Bites

All I can say is “Wow!” I love it. You’re hired to write all my blurbs from now on.
Cynthia VanRooy, for Island Heat

Thanks so much for giving my book blurb new life! I love the tag lines generated and I look forward to working with you again in the future!

For anyone looking to create or refresh their book description, I highly recommend The Blurb Wizard!!
– Holly Reid, author of Teach Your Child to Fish

Dang – I’d buy the book based on that blurb! How does she DO that? Take my gobbledegook and come up with THAT? Nice!

– Renee Wildes, author of Moonwitched

Superb! I thought I’d perfected it, but it’s even better now – just goes to show that very few people have the knack for writing blurbs, and those that do are worth their weight in gold.
– Josephine Myles, author of Barging In

God, you’re good.
– Linda Ingmanson, Editor, Samhain Publishing for The King’s Mistress

I like!
L.A. Witt, author of Out of Focus

You have an amazing way with words!
– Tina Burns, Publisher, Liquid Silver Books

My compliments to the chef.
– Josh Lanyon, author of Strange Fortune

I don’t know how you come up with all those cool tag lines. If someone held a gun to my  head, I wouldn’t be able to do it.
– Linda Ingmanson, Editor, Samhain Publishing

Thank you so much for judging my entry. You’re right about the backstory – I’ll definitely take your comments to heart to improve my manuscript.
Bettina C., 2009 Emily writing contest entrant

The author asked me to tell you that she thinks you’re the epitome of awesome.
Sasha Knight, for Lover Enslaved

I have no clue who writes your warnings about the book contents but they are fabulous. Often times I’m laughing out loud at the comments, or intrigued enough to read the excerpts, so I’d say they are very successful. I once even spit juice all over my screen because of one of your humorous warnings. Wonderful is all I have to say besides, thank you.
Amy Watson

It’s perfect. We love it. Thank you!
Sasha Knight, for Our Man Friday

You do such a great job!!! Another winner.
– Linda Ingmanson, for Queen’s Gambit

Oh, bless you. Pure genius. I like this SO much better.
Angela James, for Devonshire

The author says she loves it and wishes you could crawl inside her brain to write everything for her.
Sasha Knight, for The Ninth Curse

Carol is an excellent technical writer, with a great deal of experience in many industries including software, marketing, and research. She is very conscientious and detail-oriented, and a pleasure to work with.
– Nikki Custy, Supervisor on Supportsoft.com projects

What interested me in “Slightly Foxed”? The blurb.
DearAuthor.com (blurb edited for Samhain Publishing Ltd.)

I was able to get the job I wanted with the help of your professionally written document! Excellent work!
– Paige Visintin, LPN

I got a press release published in my local newspaper… Thanks again for the GREAT class!
Rebecca Goings

Thank you again for the critique you provided for my historial story entitled The Long Road Home. You caught a few details my critique partners had overlooked, proving it is always good to have a fresh reader take a look at your work.
Leanne Tyler